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Infant Program

Make sure your baby receives the proper care he or she requires. At Kid Town USA in Clinton Township, Michigan, we provide your infant with the necessary care that meets all of his or her needs, from regular feedings to having his or her diapers changed. Our infant program is ideal for any busy parent who needs to return to work, but still wants to ensure her child is in the loving hands of a responsible caregiver. Kid Town USA's infant care program offers just that.

Our infant program follows the state-mandated ratio of 1 caregiver to 4 children.

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Proper Care for Your Baby

More than anything, babies need security. When their needs are met consistently by loving and caring adults, they learn to see the world as a friendly place. They learn to trust.

To develop this trust, your baby will be assigned one primary caregiver. He or she will be fed on demand or according to a schedule you give us. Babies will always be held during bottle feeding. Diapering will be done as needed and at least every two hours.

Infants are provided with a safe play environment. They are free to explore, watch other children, and practice emerging motor skills. They will be talked to, sung to, cuddled, and rocked. You will receive a daily report on your baby's activities.

As your child nears his first birthday, he will spend short amounts of time in our mobile infant room. These time spans will gradually increase until you and the caregiver agree that your child is ready to be a mobile infant. In the mobile infant room, children are encouraged to nap on a cot and eat at a table. This classroom offers plenty of free time, including books, musical activities, and educational toys. Colors and shapes will be emphasized. Art and sensory experiences will be a part of the curriculum.